An artifact that can achieve the aspirations
of photography enthusiasts!

Fall in love with photography you, these years, must take a lot of good photos, also encountered the following similar problems:
The photographs are processed or framed and hung on the wall, very troublesome and costly, not so much space to display, photography is money, do not want to take photo output. The existence of the hard disk with a computer or TV, every time I want to see all need many steps, such as boot, open the program, find the picture file, or even a look, can't always appreciate, don't look up to see. A common electronic photo frame back, the screen is small, the quality is poor, weak function, play the effect is always unsatisfactory.
More and more good photos, saved several hard drives, even several T, what method does not let sleeping photos in the hard disk? And every photography enthusiasts will also have a wish, photography exhibition organized by themselves, their love of all the photos hanging up appreciation -- is it possible?
Now, the grand new cloud intelligent frame, artifact fusion of technology and art, easily put your love photos, all hang to appreciate, always want to see every day, the festival!

Take a lot of good photos,
not just on the table, to hang up

There are a variety of decorative Home Furnishing grand cloud photo classic styling, the photography is hanging up a
picture, like the flow of art galleries, traces of the years into Home Furnishing decoration, draw a unique landscape.

Retro series:

Classic Series: